What is included in my session?

Depending on of type of session (maternity, engagement, couples) about 30-40 edited images are to be expected. Elopements and weddings of course will be a lot more, usually in the triple digits. All edited images are delivered to an online gallery where you will receive a pin so you can download them. If you would rather have a USB/flash drive just ask. I do have the means to make large 13"x19" prints in case you want to hang any of those beauties on your wall. Family members tend to like frameable prints, hint hint.  Sessions excluding weddings, are about 1-2 hours. This includes one location but you can switch up your outfit as many times as you would like.

Do you travel?

Heck yes! Travelling is my jam. If I have to hop on a plane to get to you, all I ask is that you purchase my roundtrip ticket and one night stay in a hotel. I will arrange where and the most affordable tickets that I can find. You will not be paying for my family to travel with me. If you are 2-4 hours away from me, I tack on a $50 price to your session for my gas savvy Toyota's tank.

Can I have all of my RAW images?

Nope. Trust me you don't want them all. It is always nice to have a ton of images to scroll through, but not every candid shot will be perfect. I would prefer to send you a fair amount of good quality images, and not necessary a large quantity of not so pretty images. To be honest I would rather play with my 5 month old daughter and make dinner with my husband, than be glued to a screen 24 hours a day.  So therefore you get the best of the best of your images, and that is the whole point of hiring a photographer. If for any reason I have shown you a RAW image (that you loved) while on location and you don't happen to see it in your gallery, just asked and I'll send you the edited one.

When will I receive my images?

I'm usually pretty jazzed to head straight home and load your images. So you can expect to receive some previews within a day or two. I usually send these via text or email. Smaller sessions expect your images in about 2 weeks. Weddings/elopements you can expect a longer wait time, about three weeks- one month. During busy seasons this may be a bit longer, just depends on how busy I am.

Are we even a good match for a photo session?

I would like describe my style as intimate, candid and adventurous. Most clients asked to be posed, which is fine, but really all the best shots come from you being natural and comfortable with yourself(and your partner).  Whether its an in home session orwe are outside running through some mud, life happens, such as double chins and messy hair, trust me those are the best. I'm here to capture you in your element. If this sounds like something you want to be apart of, go to my contact page and lets make this happen!