About me

I know you know my name already, but let me tell you little about myself and my approach to photography. 

I currently live in San Luis Obispo CA with my little family. My super supportive husband Keldon, and our 15 month old daughter Prudence, live in a sweet little bungalow and enjoy keeping life simple. If you call crowding every entire corner of my house with plants simple? Haha. I was raised most of my childhood in Durango, CO. There, I was mostly barefoot running around in the hills with my furry animal friends (cue Pocahontas theme song). 

I have been in love with art and photography ever since I could remember. Pretty much always had a camera in my hand, even if it was my mom’s point and shoot Canon. With some encouragement from my husband and some serious pep talks with myself, I decided to jump in and make photography a full time dealio. I'm so glad I did and I've never looked back since. Now let me know little about yourself what I can document for you!

Candids are my jam. If you ask me, thats where all the emotion is really at. Not when you're looking at the photographer, fake smiling' it, but when you're locked in eye contact with your fiancé, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or beloved family member, it’s not about the camera, its about you. The camera just assists in documenting your authentic self. 

OK enough about me, lets get to shooting! 

Feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.