Their wedding was only a couple of weekends ago, but I can’t help myself with obsessing over these two. I only spent 5 minutes with each of them and I already knew I loved them. Meeting their family and friends on their wedding day only solidified my decision to make them my friends forever. I’ve decided I might be a bit of a stalker now, jk, No seriously.

I have quite a handful of weddings under my belt, but this one was one for the record books.

No bridezilla (yep Steph)

Respectful guests

A rocking wedding coordinator

Wedding style a princess would be jealous of

Florals out of this world gorgeous

Rad videographer

That all being said, here’s a little snippet of the special day, their private first look that transitioned into a vow reading that made me tear up. For some reason the vow reading caught myself and the videographer off guard, but it was dreamy! And I’m so happy they decided to do it. Watching each other tear up what pretty much the highlight of the day.

Hope you guys enjoy some of these previews. There are sooooo may more beautiful images to come very soon.

Love you all, thanks for visiting!