Its been raining a ton here in California, as some of you may already know. But I decided to toss my friends out in the weather for styled shoot anyway, come what may. Let me just tell you, they are the best, most compliant friends and I think they had a bit of fun with it too!

I had asked Kealy and Seth a couple of months ago if they would be interested in doing this shoot with me and to my excitement they said yes! Ive been in a creative dormant hole lately, and needed to let it out somehow. So why not with my favorite subjects, cuties in love.

Most of the day consisted of us girls (including hair and makeup artist Nichole with Artista Makeup) prepping for the day, with badly made jalapeño infused margaritas. I say badly because I attempted to make them and they were just plain awful. (Please if you want to show off your margarita making skills, I will gladly open my front door for you, mama needs to try one.) Even though I followed the recipe to a T, I swear! We quickly switched to just straight up tequila shots because you can’t go wrong with that! And plus, Kealy needed a bit of liquid courage lol.

The original plan was to go to San Luis to the Cal Poly greenhouses since they were protected from the rain. But that clearly didn’t happen, due to timing. So we loaded up in the car, with barely any sun out and drove to a random spot where no current rain drops were falling on the windshield. Which brought us to my aunt and uncles beautiful property west of Atascadero. Its literally gorgeous!

I ordered everyone out of the car. Nichole started up some hip hop jams on her phone, and we all pretty much danced around in the rain. And avoided sinking down in the mud.

Hope you enjoy these pics! It was so much freaking fun and I can’t wait to see who else I can drag out there for some memory making photos!

PS: Keep on the lookout for magical frozen raindrops.

Models: Kealy Rummel // Seth Rode

Dress: Wear Your Love XO

Hair and Makeup: Artista Makeup

Jewelry: Blueberry Jewelry (Kerry Long)